¿Who came?


* Colored construction paper


* Given the need for children to recognize their place in the class, assign their working groups across various tables.
* Each table will have a color assigned for the children to identify with.
* Within each team, the students will choose a geometrical figure to represent with the same color appearance. For example: Luis will have a yellow circle; Sofia, a blue triangle.
* Each child is given a cardboard box (15 by 24 cm) to color. In it they will draw and then trim with scissors * See figure representation: one small (5x5cm) and another double in size.

On the white cardboard, the teacher will draw the door, window and any reference to help locate the desk of each will be placed.

The teams:

* The geometric shape of the larger piece of cardboard will be pasted onto the table in front of each child.
* The smaller piece should be placed on the white card for the members of each team.
* Each child should join a partner who is sitting at his side so that can place a figure at the right place on the table.

This is a new way for your class to learn and have fun.